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Cymbalta is used for treating depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

How much does generic duloxetine cost from a generic pharmacy. i bought the pill in august and it ran out in july. i've been taking it ever since. do you think the price is reasonable when you consider that every pill costs about $25 to produce? thanks) anon173534 Post 7 I had a panic attack the other night right after going to work and had take my first dose at work today because I got the sweats so bad. I was wondering when it's safe to take the next dose. doctors said that this was just a panic attack, which made me feel better. Then it took me a long time to feel better so when a doctor said take it at your job and not home, I felt even more anxious. had to go my doctor talk about how to handle the panic and then she gave me a panic attack test to figure out if I had the anxiety. It was very hard to go work because I felt too nervous and really didn't want to make a mistake at work. Also, when you take the first dose, feel sleepy. I don't sleepy when have anxiety. Is taking all the pills at my job okay? I don't think that would feel good in an office. view entire post anon173228 Post 6 my son had a panic attack and it lasted for about 30 minutes or more. he took the benzodiazepines for first time yesterday the time. benzodiazepines are usually taken with food so I was wondering if it safe for me to take it with my son before eating. I was thinking that we can give him some of the food we are eating and it would calm him down and maybe it would work. make sense to just stay out of the house? anon164575 Post 5 I am an intern. still a little confused on panic disorder. My boss brought in some papers about the new version of benzodiazepines that he is working with for his patients. I was told that there should be an option to take the medication at work. What will it cost? anon157830 Post 4 I have panic disorder and been on the benzo's since I was younger. Now that am a mother. If I could take a pill with my son (18) for anxiety. Would that help? If so, I would like to get them for my son as they are going out of control for him. He only has one pill but if I could give him a stack and have another pill to take every few hours would that be better? I more then happy. Thanks --A.S. anon146084 Post 3 I think the pills might be better than the benzos. pills just seem safer. However my mother is taking benzodiazepines to treat her anxiety. She is on a higher dose than I was on when a 100 generic pharmacy kid though. I think it works and I'm happy. might be possible for her (as a college student) to work from home if she wanted to. anon134766 Post 2 The question is "What amount of a pill should you take?" The short answer is, "Not all the time," but don't give your child too much. "Never take a pill and leave it in the bathroom best drugstore primer for oily skin australia overnight." If your child is having a panic attack, do not walk away. The person you left there must call the ambulance.

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